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Acutonics Sound Healing

Acutonics is a sound healing modality based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a painless, non-invasive technique that produces results similar to acupuncture. Precision-calibrated tuning forks instead of needles are used on acupuncture points. The use of tuning forks, like acupuncture, help restore the body to a healthy and balanced state so that healing can occur. The sound waves produced by the tuning forks penetrate deep into the tissue and are carried along the meridians to address the emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of health and wellness.

Tuning forks are ideal for sensitive individuals, those afraid of needles and children.

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Acutonics Testimonials

“When Tina first started using the tuning forks on me the effects were beyond my immediate comprehension. I struggle with PTSD and it's difficult for me to slow down, breathe, and take life in stride. I believe that down to a cellular level the negativity we experience and absorb in our daily routine can get trapped in our physical body. The forks resonated in my soul. They brought warmth to parts of my being that I hadn't felt in years. And it is my sole belief that Tina works from a divine inspiration to facilitate personal healing and the elevation of the human consciousness." –KL

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