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"I remain totally amazed and impressed by the fact that my road to good health lay not in all the specialists I have visited in recent years, but by simply adopting the diet which Tina prescribed, added to that is the feeling of well-being that I enjoy as a result of acupuncture. Thank you so much!" – GL

"Since coming to Tina I feel better than I have in many, many years – I feel peace, clarity, creativity, fluidity." – EW

"My experiences at Evolution Health have been amazing. Tina is a remarkable person. Her thought process and technique are spot on. She listens to you and treats the mind, body and spirit. My thyroid issues have become under control allowing me to feel and sleep better. As soon as you walk into Tina’s clinic your whole body seems to go at ease." – SL

"Struggling with insomnia for over twenty years, Tina had me sleeping through the night in a matter of weeks! Her intuition is amazing in addition to her knowledge. I always look forward to my appointments and can't wait until the next one. The icing on the cake is that her office is welcoming, beautiful, and comforting. Tina is a true healer." – TK

"After trying several medications to control pain in my arm that was caused by disk problems in my neck, I chose to try acupuncture at Evolution Health. This was my first experience with alternative medicine and I did not know what to expect. After just a few sessions the pain in my arm was gone. I continue to get maintenance treatments to control this chronic neck issues." – BK

"After nearly two years of experiencing severe and on-going health problems, receiving acupuncture from Tina is helping me strengthen my body, find clarity of mind and enjoy levity of spirit. I walk out of each appointment enjoying a greater vitality in health and ability to be at peace." – ME

"I reluctantly tried acupuncture as a last resort for circulation and digestive issues, unsure if it would even be effective. Tina was very reassuring and put me at ease from the instant we met. Her attentiveness and methodical approach was very personalized to my conditions and my body’s responsiveness to each treatment. I saw benefit from the first visit and became a believer in the benefits of acupuncture. Thanks Tina!" – JG

"I have to admit I was skeptical at first. To me it was another form of voodoo. Tina proved my theory wrong. I have been going for almost a year now. Walking into her cottage is warm and welcoming, always being greeted with a smile. She has gotten me to a level that I am no longer taking OTC medicines for heartburn and allergies. She has also taught me how to better my eating habits. My weight has dropped along with my stress and anxiety. I am skeptical no more…I cannot wait for my next visit." – KF

Acutonics Testimonials

“When Tina first started using the tuning forks on me the effects were beyond my immediate comprehension. I struggle with PTSD and it's difficult for me to slow down, breathe, and take life in stride. I believe that down to a cellular level the negativity we experience and absorb in our daily routine can get trapped in our physical body. The forks resonated in my soul. They brought warmth to parts of my being that I hadn't felt in years. And it is my sole belief that Tina works from a divine inspiration to facilitate personal healing and the elevation of the human consciousness." –KL

Testimonials for Mei Zen Facial Rejuvenation

"The Mei Zen treatment has livened up my life in multiple ways. Most obvious to people who look at me is the fact that my face is brighter and software, I look healthier and younger! Lines and wrinkles, especially my crow’s feet are much softer and less noticeable. Most amazing to me is the fact that my under chin and jowl area sagginess is reduced. That makes me feel great. An unexpected result and huge benefit from this treatment is the improvement in my energy, clarity and alertness. The combination of feeling good about my appearance and the constitutional improvements we made through the acupuncture and daily life and diet adjustments have improved my general health and wellbeing." - DS

"I have been thrilled to notice already that after the 5th treatment the wrinkle lines around my eyes are fading and overall there is less sag in my face. Some of the finer wrinkles near my eyes are now gone. I’ve also found the initial health review helpful in getting myself back on track to maintain good nutrition and health. Tina takes the time to check in at the beginning and throughout each session. I admire her beautiful ability to stay present to my questions/concerns and I continue to feel supported, guided and heard." – KH

"My first experience with acupuncture was with Tina. I chose to have a holistic facial treatment called Mei Zen. After my first treatment I felt refreshed and could see brighter skin. My fine lines and dark spots from years of being in the sun were less visible. I am very happy with the results of Mei Zen. Tina has a gentle touch and makes you very comfortable from start to finish." – BK

"Recently I had a series of Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture treatments with Tina at Evolution Health. I spent many years living in Florida, so my skin was showing signs of age. After a few weeks of Mei Zen, I started to notice a healthier glow in my face. Toward the end of the treatments, wrinkles had softened around my eyes and mouth. Best of all, the musculature along my jawline tightened and lifted, and the lines and skin on my neck have smoothed and softened. I would recommend Tina's services to anyone who is serious about their health, and has a desire to both look and feel good. She is a mature professional, well trained and highly intuitive to the needs of her patients." – EB

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